iFestival – Sea Shanty Festival in Paimpol, Blaka Street

flag-franceSometimes in life, a pleasant surprise awaits you at the street corner. Yesterday at Sea Shanty Festival in Paimpol (Brittany – France), I saw an amazing band. Its name is Blaka Street. The guys are from Rennes (Brittany – France). As they say on their Facebook page, this band are seven personages who are super heroes or upholders of the law of the street who completely lead you by their power of attraction in their imaginative sphere. Equipped with drums, bells and drumstick, Blaka Street occurs in streets. The perfect combination of their percussion quickly captivated the audience. A unique acoustic and visual rhythm, a strong charisma, set up quickly into your body for moments of pure happiness. During the show, the artists combine the body and soul, shock and movement and literally you stay stuck on the pavement in bliss. I saw their show three times, it is perfectly set and they never look tired! A qualifier that goes well: generosity. Thus, mayors, mayoresses, persons in charge of events committees, future gay newlyweds, this band has created a very original and dynamic concept that will animate your next celebration or a party that will remain in minds for a long time. The guys are very kind and gutsy, you should contact them for a proposal. You will spend well your money! Check out the full gallery here (19 photos) and below check out the video that I made, which is an extract of their long performance.

Note Blaka Street’s contact: Phone +33 2 99 53 43 71 – Email touzazimart@free.fr – Website http://www.touzazimart.com/blakastreet.htm

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