Do you have an aquatic consciousness?

flag-franceSuch was the question before yesterday in a village market in Brittany. At this moment, as I have some guests at home, I do often the market! Two funny cranks roamed the main street of the market. Their get-up shocked nobody, but they had a strange appearance. They approached close to people. A woman had a water fountain in the back, made ​​with glass bubbles containing the precious vital fluid and the man emitted sounds with his mouth that mimicked a leaky faucet. Original. They also were handing out glasses of water to passersby. You tell me, that they are nice people, offer glasses of water in this heat what delicacy! Because the weather was very warm. In the point to boil almost the contents of the dorsal demijohns of the woman, so she proposed to drink hot water in small plastic cups. At the same time, the man was addressing to passerby to determine whether they had an aquatic consciousness. What is that thing? As Mr. Jourdain which, in Molière’s play Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, spoke prose without knowing it, may be that I have this aquatic awareness. Half a turn to learn more. I was directed by the cranks to a stand that was supposed to determine whether or not I have this consciousness. I was right to be curious. This is the world upside down! Imagine that the association that held the stand, extolled the virtues of tap water. Consuming of bottled water was nonsense and that by the fact we were very big polluters. With exquisite politeness, I began ask some information the charming girl who promoting tap water. And on that side there is nothing wrong, she mastered his subject and was very open to discussion. By cons in the argumentation, I could not accept that we are accused of being major polluters with our bottles of mineral water in plastic. There are not so long, glass bottles were recorded. When they were empty they were brought back directly to the store that refunded you the deposit. Simple, zero waste, total accountability by money and an honest process. And then one day for reasons of weight and handling or other things, they invented the plastic bottle. Which completely replaced the glass bottle. I said first, that I do not feel responsible of the waste produced, that industry imposes us. Even if I choose the cleanest product, it still generates too much waste and could be improved. An empty pack of biscuits, fills half the trash can and most are for plastic waste. Then I said that for years we were told that tap water was rotten. That drinking tap water was toxic. So we ended up buying water in plastic bottle with hope to survive a little longer. Now we are told that bottled water is rotten, because it does not undergo the same stringent controls as tap water. I think they take us for fools. About the ecology, if geniuses environmentalist think that this is by taxing the end-user that they are going to solve the problems, they are mistaken. No wonder they do not make a good score in french elections. It costs us more without settle the issue. We pay for waste treatment and not for encourage “green industrialists” to produce less waste. We need laws that prohibit the production of components that produce an unreasonable amount of non-organic waste. Simple, finished the plastic packaging, they will replaced by packaging made of paper. Traditionally, yoghurt pot was waxed cardboard, it was good, if not better. Readily biodegradable, not harmful at all to health. The list is long of simple actions to start! But apparently nobody wants to take the plunge, or politicians are complete idiots. Political power must impose simple efficient laws. Public health and environmental protection will not at ease in half measures. Yes! I have an aquatic consciousness and more than them. I’m not responsible for anything. And to all these idiots who give you bad moral lessons, I say the word from Cambronne. Merde!

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