You will want some more of nanopurée?

A microscopic view of a nanoparticle carrying a drug payload inside

flag-franceOver the last thirty years, scientists have developed a variety of techniques to conceive and build structures at the nanoscale. They now apply these techniques in food processing. Imagine a grain of rice. Reduce it a thousand times and it will have the size of a skin cell. Reduce it again a thousand times and you get an idea of the dimensions of matter at the nanoscale, that is to say, the scale of a billionth of a meter.

Scientists already announced all the theoretical benefits of nanoparticles, not to mention of course of potential hazards. Soon, the nanoparticles will be used to introduce vitamins in our daily diet, to help deliver drugs to where they are needed in the body and help reduce food wastage. At present, we should go to our office in a flying saucer, because it is what announced the scientists in the 60s. We still have problems to park our car. And we should also eat pills. It should be finished washing of dishes and greasy spots … The possibilities seem endless assure the scientists. They say they could make filters to eliminate bacteria in milk and other drinks without having to boil. Some companies are looking to the production of molecular food and begin their work. This involves creating of food from the atomic core components – carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.. – without using soil, seed or animals. So soon an auto-skin-tight condom made from nanoparticles – so much more convenient to put on – with filtering at the entrance and exit of all sexually transmitted bugs. Already they are unable to give us a vaccine against AIDS … We will believe the scientists for a while to make them happy.

In the United States, some donuts with a tasty whiteness contain nanoparticles of titanium dioxide. For now, nanotechnology should have an impact mainly on food packaging. The nanoscale polymers are found in the composition of certain packaging and allow prevent contact with oxygen and extend the life of products. Researchers have also developed sensors based on nanoparticles that change color when range of acidity is modified or in case of presence of bacteria, indicating at the same time if the food is spoiled. These sensors could even, in the future, cause the release of preservatives when they detect that a food is about to expire. When we try to eliminate all the conservatives of our plates by eating better, the scientists put conservatives in again and even more rogues! This is absolutely crazy! In the more distant future, scientists will be able to change the food and how it is absorbed and interacts in our body. No more constipation … The nano capsules introduced into food could be also designed to free gradually their contents and prolong the feeling of satisfaction. Finished fat persons and lousy diet!

There is already evidence that some nanoparticles are able to penetrate into the organs in which they should not enter. Hey, it makes me suddenly interested. … As the brain and liver. Dart! There are many studies that ring the bell. If public concerns related to new technologies and food have so far mainly focused on genetic modification, nanotechnology rapidly gaining ground. These are technologies that will be increasingly used and that we shall hear more and more talk. Consumers are not the only ones who may be affected. If the use of nanomaterials is spreading in the food industry, workers are more likely to be exposed for long periods. The nanoparticles of packagings must be recycled. Therefore you will need a nano trash. For businessmen it is an idea to develop. I shall recycle my tweezers to get out on the street my nano bin that will as big as a thimble that will contain one year of trash.

Tomorrow, I am going to the trout fishing or to the marine fishing. Nothing of decided. But, I remember suddenly: we told me not to go there because the fish of sea or river are also polluted by pesticides and all the human creation. Anyway this does not disturb me, I fish nothing for a long time in our rivers. They are almost empty. And the sea is also plundered by the industry. No salad, no egg, no meat, remains pastas? Is this alright? I can continue to eat pastas? And drink my Scotch whisky with two ice cubes made with some very pure mineral water which contains as many dirts as the tap water?

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein

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