Mauritius, neighborhood of Mahébourg

flag-franceI had promised you news from Mauritius, but things have not gone as I had hoped. Four days after my arrival, I fell a staircase in the restaurant and I twisted my ankle, which became purple… Three days later, I had a fever of 40° Celsius and I stayed two days in bed. Then I had severe diarrhea until the end of the stay. With my boyfriend, we were completely burned twice by the Sun, yet we don’t we were never exposed to the rays of the Sun! I’ve never had the sunburn of this importance in my life, only a few red spots. After three days of healing, we have re – cross the island. Since my return to France at the beginning of February, my health was restored gradually while doctors cannot tell what I had. I’ll let you read the summary of my stay in Mauritius, which was long. I will cut my report according to the different places that I went to the island.

Largest city of the southeast coast of the country, Mahébourg is at the centre of the most typical region of Mauritius, which contrasts with the large tourist area of North. Situated on the edge of a lagoon, it is also the nearest city of Plaisance international airport, the country’s single airport. Mahébourg is named after Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais, one of the most successful governors of the French colonial period. It was originally built by the Netherlands during their brief period of colonisation of the island. It was close to their landing port, had ample water supply from many rivers and streams and had a scenic view of the large bay area. Mahébourg knew major development around 1806 during the French colonisation era. The well-planned wide streets in the old section of Mahébourg still bear testimony to this Dutch and French colonial past. After the French chose Port Louis as the main port Mahébourg declined into a sleepy coastal city. The past is still preserved today in the Historical Naval Museum which also recounts the epic naval battles of the past between the French Navy and the Royal Navy. Check out some photos I took here (17 photos).

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From Dina Arobi to Mauritius

flag-franceYesterday with my boyfriend and two friends of us, we arrived  in Mauritius for a stay of three weeks. A new country that I will discover ; a country steeped in history.

It appears that Mauritius was first named Dina Arobi during the Middle Age by Arab sailors, the first people to visit the island. In 1507 Portuguese sailors visited the uninhabited island. The island appears with a Portuguese name Cirne on early Portuguese maps, probably from the name of a ship in the 1507 expedition. Another Portuguese sailor, Dom Pedro Mascarenhas, gave the name Mascarenes to the Archipelago. In 1598 a Dutch squadron under Admiral Wybrand Van Warwyck landed at Grand Port and named the island Mauritius, in honour of Prince Maurice van Nassau, stadhouder of the Dutch Republic. Later the island became a French colony and was renamed Isle de France. On 3 December 1810 the French formally surrendered after the Napoleonic wars. Under British rule, the island’s name reverted to Mauritius. Mauritius is also commonly known as Maurice and Île Maurice in French, Moris in creole and मॉरिशस in Hindi.

My first feeling is that Mauritians are very polite and very kind. Today is a day of transition before a complete immersion in the local life. Not far from Mauritius a new major hurricane develops… The weather is nice, not too hot and slightly windy. In the resort, there are many white South Africans who come to this nearby island from South Africa to take advantage of warm sea and peaceful life. Between them, they speak a strange language, an English and German mix and I do not understand anything. Tomorow, I will go to a famous market that is close to the resort. During the stay, I hope to meet many Mauritians and some guys from overseas to share our feelings. Photos and topics will coming to you every day from this small Island in the Indian Ocean where life seems easy for tourists, but how is the real life of Mauritians? I hope to know.

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Happy new year!

I missed you. In September, cancer was detected in my body. After a long surgery, my health is better. Now I can resume my chatter. I wish you all a very good year in 2014, with many pleasant surprises in your life!

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The Pink Granite Coast

flag-franceLa Côte de Granit Rose (Pink Granite Coast) is a geological feature extends 10 km on the communes of Trégastel and Perros-Guirec in Brittany – France. Outside its characteristic color, the coast is dotted with chaotic rock clusters whose flagship is the Path of the Customs officers from the Trestraou Beach (Perros-Guirec) to the cove Saint-Guirec in Ploumanac’h. There are three coasts of pink granite in the world, one in Brittany, one in Corsica and one in China. It really is a sumptuous place that I discovered yesterday for a walk. Still no rain in Brittany for months, brilliant sunshine, tourists are still many, happy by these beautiful days, and particularly tanned. Check out the complete gallery of photos I took here (45 photos).

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The business model “bad enough”

We are not only to piss on competition

flag-franceIn 2011, a very bold campaign for Ryanair, the low-cost airline has surfed the news for its own advertising. French actor Gerard Depardieu urinated in front of all the passengers on a flight Air France Paris – Dublin, he did not take less for the Ryan Air turns to his advantage: “We are not only to piss on competition “, a reference to rival Air France and its prohibitive tariffs to serve the same destinations as the Irish.

“Lowest cost always wins” is the doctrine of world capitalism, based on the idea that on a global market, the price always comes before quality. To be cheaper than the competition, you must have lower costs.

What have in common Michael O’Leary [Ryanair boss] and Uncle Scrooge? Both are rich million. What distinguishes them? Scrooge has built his fortune on his own stinginess, Michael O’Leary on those of other. Although Michael O’Leary declared want to create standing room in its aircraft and that passengers must be charged if they go to the toilet, Ryanair is now the first airline in Europe in terms of attendance, with 80 million passengers per year. Lufthansa must carry six times more passengers that Ryanair to win barely double Ryanair. In other words, two euros Ryanair are worth more than six euros Lufthansa.

Ryanair business model is based on the principle of the “bad enough”. The treatment of employees and passengers must be sufficiently bad to make the ticket price low enough so that customers accept not only be treated like old socks, but also don’t care to know if employees of the company are even more poorly treated than them. The fact that Ryanair is a company that abuses both his staff and his passenger is not a scoop. Ryanair is not a young prodigy company, a black sheep, nor an exception that would confirm the rule. Ryanair is becoming the standard.

Sure, we go to a better world where nothing will ever be respected. Neither clients nor employees. These abuses must be vigorously denounced by users and employees if they still can. But this can not last forever, but in the meantime they build fortunes without complex.

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Syria : should I do nothing or should I do?

The secret weapon of the U.S. against Syria
“Calm down François!”

flag-franceWhat we told the press about this distressing case. As Barack Obama, the President of the French Republic François Hollande ruled for punitive action against Syria after use of toxic gases which did hundreds of deaths among the population, August 21, in a quarter out of Damascus.

According to France, not to react is to let Bashar al Assad continue its atrocities, encourage the proliferation and use of weapons of mass destruction, abandon Syria and the whole region to chaos and yield to threats. The lack of response would send a very wrong signal not only to Bashar al Assad but to countries such as Iran and North Korea, which could see a green light to use their nuclear weapons.

US president Barack Obama tried today to get a the widest possible support in the United States and abroad for a military intervention in Syria. Said he was confident that the Congress would vote in favor of military action against the Syria: “I think that the Congress will approve it because that (…) if the international community fails to enforce certain rules (…) over time, the world will become a less safe place”.

In Damascus, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Fayçal Moqdad assured that the Syrian government will not change its position even if there is a third world war. Against these threats, the Syrian Deputy Minister assured that the Syria had taken all measures to respond to such an assault and mobilize its allies such as Russia and Iran.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, which had for his part warned Washington against an aggression against Syria outside the framework of the United Nations said on the first Russian public channel that he waits for convincing evidence of the use of chemical weapons by Syria. That it is ready, in this case, to take action within the legal framework of the United Nations to help those who want to punish the Syria. The arguments presented are:

  • The Syrian regime is threatening the internal security of the United States: but they don’t tell us how. I do not understand the connection. Gentlemen, could you be more clear?
  • A limited punitive action. Destroy what? Two bridges, an aerodrome, a stock empty chemical weapons which took the time to be moved? This will not change anything to the problem and the current regime will be more strong, especially if they manage to shoot down two enemy planes.
  • Do not abandon the Syria and the whole region to chaos: but it is already a pretty mess in this region!
  • Topple the Syrian regime? To replace by whom? Remember the consequences of regime changes in Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan.
  • The world will become a less safe place if nothing is done: Dear Mr Obama, this Earth is more safely for a long time. And it will be less and less safe, with new upcoming terrible conflicts in the coming years. It will as it has always been.
  •  We have evidence: let us doubt, you all already shamefully lied to us in the past.

In short, the United States, France, Australia (?) and others want to punish the Syrian regime. And others, if there are real evidences. All this is very, very risky for a null result. Or the world declare a real war in Syria to have overstepped the mark with all the consequences, or does nothing. Attacks against Syria will excuse further attacks of reprisal, by the game of alliances. In short, a third world war in the Middle East. Our leaders will be able to happen to tell us at the 1St January: happy new year dear compatriots!

In my opinion, I thought a lot about the subject and we should not get involved in this adventure. Barack and François should send a kind of James Bond to kill the barbarian. In movies the special agents do this every day. Easy and cheap. Because this war will cost us a lot. They are telling us we are in crisis. But to go to war, there is still money! For pensions of the elderly, nothing. Our honor requires us, they say. For what this will favor us, we will always be one of the favorite countries of terrorists and our flags stomped and burned. Have a horrified thought is already good, to take offense it’s even better and do whatever it takes to solve the problem peacefully will be perfect. Quickly.

Tip of the day: fill your tank of heating oil for the winter. This may increase.

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